The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Spain in Madrid (CCIS) (www.italcamara-es.com) is a
Spanish association that was born thanks to both Spanish and Italian entrepreneurs in order to foster
their bilateral relationships,aboveallwithin the economic field due to the intention of boosting the spirit of entrepreneurship.
CCIS is a private and no-profit association which actively works to develop economic relationships in
Europe, especially by promoting bilateral relationships between the Italian and the Spanish markets.
Active since 1914 throughout the Spanish territory, CCIS has its headquarters in Madrid, with
delegations in Valencia, Vigo and Seville, and with territorial representations in Burgos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Coruña and Oviedo. CCIS has also been officially recognized by the Italian government
since 1970.
CCIS contributes to various field related to the European policies and programs, thanks to the presence,
within its institutional organization, of a department specialized in European projects, that is supported
by those departments which are responsible for the projects’ execution (such as the Training department, the Touristic Office, The Communication department and the Event and Management department. The staff is skilled and responsible for preparing proposals and for the management, development, evaluation and financial reporting of the projects.
CCIS is fully integrated into Assocamerestero’s network (www.assocamerestero.it): an association of all the Italian Chambers present abroad, that comprises 81 chambers (all recognized by the Italian
government according to the Law 518 July 1970), which have 140 offices in 54 countries and more than
18000 businesses’ members.
Assocamerestero is an umbrella organization, for all the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE), which formally work together to both coordinate activities and pool resources. CCIE’s network
collaborates closely; it enables all the chambers to easily find international partners and access studies and country analysis, mainly in the economic sector.

About us

ContactLuca Trovato
E-mail addressluca.trovato@italcamara-es.com
Type of organisation:Chamber
Education level:ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:(Advanced) Manufacturing
Accommodation and food service activities
Agriculture, hunting & forestry
Culture/Creative industries
Other community, social and personal service activities
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:CCIS received the Erasmus + Quality Recognition Award in the field of VET by the Spanish National
Agency (SEPIE) in 2017.
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