Barrio La Pinada

Barrio La Pinada was born in 2017 with the objective of co-creating the first sustainable neighborhood made in Spain. Since then, more than 400 future neighbors took part in the co-creation process guided by more than 20 experts in different disciplines. Together we have defined the spaces design, an efficient management of resources and community wellness.

The result – a healthy environment of vast green spaces surrounding each house, park, green corridors, urban farms, green wall.

The project fosters an environment that stimulates learning for both children and adults, encourages collaboration, participation, continued improvement and the trial and incorporation of ideas, concepts, technologies and innovations.

A place where children can again grow up playing in the streets outdoor and in an environment that is care-free, safe and surrounded by nature. A place that fosters independence, curiosity and creativity.

About us

EntityBest practice
Expertise Biodiversity
Circular economy
Crowd sourcing
Green economy
Green walls/facades
Landscape/ garden design
Sustainable design
Sustainable development goals
Urban greening design
Urban habitats
Urban landscaping/greening
Urban well-being
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