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By 2050, France should have nearly 74 million inhabitants, including 20 million over 65  (compared to 67 million in 2017, including 12.6 million over 65).

Certainly, we live better today and longer in better health than a century ago. However, the number of dependent people will double over the next twenty years. This should concern 2 million people in 2040 (against 1.1 million today). It is therefore  society as a whole  that  is changing its face and with it the need for qualifications and skills.

Autonomous, empathetic, endowed with good interpersonal skills, do  you wonder what job you would like to do  ? What if the professions of autonomy, longevity, health were made for you?

Whether you want to do short or long studies, there are training courses at all levels accessible, particularly in apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

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