At Circl, we believe in the new, circular economy and above all that we can only achieve it together by creating new forms of partnership. The Circl pavilion is built entirely based on circular principles using recycled and re-usable materials. It’s a living lab where we experiment with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future, an accessible platform, designed to facilitate unexpected encounters.

We want to persuade society to move towards a sustainable world by demonstrating the changes needed to create the circular economy, both in theory and in practice. In other words, thinking big by starting small. For everyone who doesn’t just want to talk about the circular economy but wants to start building it now, in whatever capacity, as an individual or as part of a large corporate, start-up or non-profit organisation. Regardless of whether you’ve been involved with the concept for some time or have only just heard about it, wherever you are on the journey towards a sustainable world – just start.

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