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The green wall is located in the atrium of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. A large hollow space that goes completely up through the core of the building and where all floors are visually connected to that green open space. The green wall contains 52,608 plants. The green wall measures 60 meters high by 21 meters wide. Total 1280 m2. 

Openness, trust, understanding, collaboration and constantly coming up with solutions ensure that various parties have created a unique green wall in the new EMA building. A military operation with complicated puzzle pieces that had to be put into place at high speed. 

‘This indoor green wall is the most spectacular in Europe. It is not a straightforward vertical green wall. It has a 3D effect. The combination with natural stone and the connection with the landscape ribbon make it spectacular. The landscape ribbon, the roof garden and the green wall should be seen as one story. It surrounds the entire building. That is unique and strong. I think this in an outlier in our field.’ 

Maintenance is also guaranteed. The Royal Ginkel Group has been commissioned to carry out maintenance for a period of 20 years. 

An icon on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. A masterpiece!

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