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The university contains 13 Faculties; 1. Education Faculty 2. Medıpol Busıness School Faculty 3. College of Health Sciences 4. Communication Faculty 5. Dentistry Faculty 6. Engineering and Natural Scıences Faculty 7. Fine Arts Design and Architecture Faculty 8. Health Sciences Faculty 9. Humanıtıes and Social Sciences Faculty 10. School of Law 11. Internatıonal School of Medicine 12. School of Medicine 13. School of Pharmacy The university also contains 4 Graduate Schools; 1. Graduate School of Forensic Sciences 2. Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences 3. Graduate School of Health Scıences 4. Graduate School of Social Sciences With 55 Masters and 29 Ph.D. programs, 58 undergraduate programs, and 66 vocational school programs with more than 3.000 students. One of the main aims of the university is to establish new and advanced research institutions and laboratories. Within a couple of years, the university established the core units of a thematic research center, which was supported by a government grant from The Ministry of Development, namely Medipol Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research Center (REMER). REMER is organized to harbor multiple core facilities and labs with the highest technology available and has already started to attract many high-profile researchers from all over the world. We have the vision to cover all main areas of regenerative medicine by encouraging the formation of several topic-specific research groups led by prominent scientists. ( 1. REMER includes laboratories below as: 2. Cell Culture and Solter Laboratory 3. Molecular Biology and Histology Laboratory 4. Electrophysiology Laboratory 5. Proteomics Laboratory 6. Advanced Microscopy Laboratory I 7. Advanced Microscopy Laboratory II 8. Advanced Microscopy Laboratory III 9. Advanced Microscopy Laboratory IV 10. Optogenetic and Electrophysiology Laboratory 11. Pharmacognosis Laboratory 12. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory Visual Tour via

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