CEDCE is an international public private partnership in the field of Datacenters. The consortium is working towards becoming a European Center of Vocational Excellence, ensuring that European datacenters have highly skilled workers with state of the art knowledge about the latest developments in the sector.

About us

ContactAdri Mertens
E-mail addressah.mertens@alfa-college.nl
ProjectleiderAdri Mertens


Alfa CollegeCafferkey Technical Services Limited
Danish Data Centre IndustryDutch Datacenter Association
Ekami - Kotkan-Haminan sedun koulutuskuntayhtymaFredericia Maskinmesterskole
HELHaIPS Belgium S.A.
Innocode OyInstitut Technique de la Communauté Française Henri Maus
Institute of Technology SligoMercantec
NorthC Group BVStichting Platform Beta en Techniek
UCL Erhvervsakademi & professionshojskole SI

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Center of Vocational Excellence