CEDCE is an international public private partnership in the field of Datacenters. The consortium is working towards becoming a European Center of Vocational Excellence, ensuring that European datacenters have highly skilled workers with state of the art knowledge about the latest developments in the sector.

About us

Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Starting year2024
ContactAdri Mertens
E-mail addressah.mertens@alfa-college.nl
ProjectleiderAdri Mertens


Alfa CollegeCafferkey Technical Services Limited
Danish Data Centre IndustryDutch Datacenter Association
Ekami - Kotkan-Haminan sedun koulutuskuntayhtymaFredericia Maskinmesterskole
HELHaIPS Belgium S.A.
Innocode OyInstitut Technique de la Communauté Française Henri Maus
Institute of Technology SligoMercantec
NorthC Group BVStichting Platform Beta en Techniek
UCL Erhvervsakademi & professionshojskole SI

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Center of Vocational Excellence
National CoVE Initiative