Drosostalida Social Enterprise

Drosostalida is a social enterprise aiming to provide training, support, counselling and research activities to diverse groups of people. Mainly Drosostalida works with youth and individuals belonging to vulnerable groups, supporting them on multiple levels to facilitate their integration or re-integration into society or world of work.

Drosostalida provides:
- VET training (F2F, online, through board games and interactive seminars etc) through various pedagogical methods and use of tools, Planning, organization and implementation of training programs (lifelong learning) and training seminars using conventional methods and / or the use of new technologies in the areas of culture, tourism, basic skills, social entrepreneurship, digital skills and technology, soft skills training and alternative and innovative training methodologies, AR/VR training design and development,
- counselling in basic competences and increase of related skills,
- knowledge and training on circular economy topics
- support and training in starting new enterprises in various sectors such as tourism,
- counselling on social entrepreneurship
- digital competence training (digital literacy, digital communication etc)
- research and counselling to public and private organisations,
- design and development of online training material for trainers (Train the Trainer courses) using: serious games design, conversion of traditional company training to online training,
- design soft skills competence training for youth and their trainers,
- Consulting services and professional counselling advisory for entrepreneurship and employment (youth and adults),
- Consulting services for vocational education and training field (design of VET training courses for adults)
- Development and participation in national and European networks, consortia implementing actions consistent with the purposes of Drosostalida,
- Information and awareness of the general public (conduct workshops, conferences, promotional campaigns, etc.).
All above are governed by principles and the philosophy of a social impact aimed at the greater good.

About us

ContactDimitris Mylonas
E-mail addressdrosostalidaeu@gmail.com
Type of organisation:Company
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Education
Other community, social and personal service activities
Professional, scientific and technical activities

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