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The contingent of students as of October 1, 2021 is 1,090 students, as of September 1, 2021, 1,100 students are expected. Qualitative composition of pedagogical workers. The training and production process is provided by: - 48 teachers, of which: 30– teachers of the highest category, 18– teachers-methodologists, 6 - senior teachers; 5 candidates of technical sciences, 1 candidate of historical sciences, 1 associate professor of social and political sciences and linguistics. - 41 masters of industrial training, of which: 12 - masters of industrial training of the first category, 5 - masters of industrial training of the second category. The organization of the training and production process is carried out by 4 deputy directors (1 - Candidate of Technical Sciences, 2 - Excellence in Education of Ukraine) and 2 Methodists under the direction of the Director - Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Education 2018 in the category "Vocational education". The team of masters of industrial training during the preparation of students from the educational and qualification level "skilled worker" works on the system "Master-workshop, master-group". This provides a high level of professional training of students in the profession "Machine tool broad profile". For example, industrial training with a group of students is conducted by 4 masters of industrial training. The course of turning is conducted by the master of industrial training who works at the turning shop, the course of milling is conducted by other 2 masters of industrial training who work in the milling shop of educational and production workshops of the school. In addition, the master works with students in a group, which is assigned to the group for a full period of study, conducts lessons and manages the practice of students in enterprises and organizations. Work on the system "master - workshop" also allows to ensure the preservation of the material and technical base of workshops, rational and efficient use of tools, equipment, machines and equipment, proper sanitation. Communication with the labor market. The need for training of skilled workers and junior specialists in the professions and specialties of which training is provided at the school, due to the acute demand for these specialists in the labor market of Kremenchuk and Poltava region. Employment of graduates. More than 50% of graduates are employed by personnel companies and other enterprises in the region. About 36% of graduates continue their education in higher education institutions every year. Since 2016, the percentage of employed graduates has been increasing annually by an average of 2.3%. Experience in applying modern approaches and methods of development, implementation of educational programs and curricula (competence approach). In VPU №7 Kremenchuk training of skilled workers is carried out according to the Standards of professional (vocational) education on a competency basis, which provides constant updating of the content of education and training on this basis of skilled competitive workers in accordance with national and regional labor markets. Employees of the school have experience in developing standards of professional (vocational) education on a competency basis. Thus, in 2010-2011 the school staff became part of the creative group for the development of the State standard of vocational education DSPTO 7219: 2011 profession "Welder" (DK 003: 2010 - 7219), and in 2017 - the Standard of vocational (vocational) education profession "Operator of machines with software control" JV (PA) O 8211.S.25.62 - 2017. Quality of infrastructure and equipment. VPU № 7 owns land plots with a total area of ​​5.8335 hectares. The school is located in typical complexes, which include educational building №1 with public building (4917.7 m2), educational building № 2 with public building (4124.8 m2), training and production workshops № 1 (2806, 3 m2), training and production workshops № 2 (1956.4 m2), 2 stadiums (8400 m2), 2 sports halls (288 m2 each). The school has 2 canteens, a medical office, an office of a practical psychologist, a library, warehouses. The premises and buildings of the school are equipped in accordance with current regulations and sanitary norms, are operated in accordance with the requirements of labor protection, fire safety rules and sanitary and hygienic norms. The study area per student is 13.62 m2. At the appropriate level in these premises are equipped with 31 classrooms, 9 laboratories, 13 training and production workshops. The created material and technical base meets the current requirements. 187 personal computers used in the educational process are connected to the Internet, which gives teachers and students access to modern sources of information. The educational process uses 3 interactive complexes, 20 multimedia projectors, three 3D printers. The school library has a reading room for 40 seats, the library has 37,256 copies. An electronic library has been created, which can be accessed from 15 workstations. In order to visualize extracurricular activities, the library is equipped with a multimedia projector, screen, multifunctional

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