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We work across a diverse range of clients and industries, providing an integrated service approach across all media ranging from project planning and consulting including partnership arrangements; helping our clients achieve their growth ambitions. We deliver innovative but practical solutions to customers, providing the best value over the whole life of their assets. Work Experience Agency is a wholly independent organisation owned in trust for the benefit of its employees and their dependants. We’re experts in European project consulting and delivery. Our services include: accommodation for participants, logistics, transport from and to airports, well-being care, pastoral care, language services, bus passes, work experience, monitoring and evaluation of work placements, 24/7 emergency phone, cultural programmes, clash culture programmes, English language courses, Social and cultural activities Induction and orientation, Final Reports, Certificates, Europasses

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ContactMagdalena Nowak
Type of organisation:Company
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
Sector of expertise:Accommodation and food service activities
Administrative and support service activities
Financial intermediation

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