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CoVE platforms and potential partnersCove

  • 3LoE

    The comprehensive provision of green skills is a key priority of 3LoE Addressing the challenges of energy climate and environmental protection 3LoE establishes Centres of Vocational Excellence on green economy and implements a wide range of vocational

  • Academia, College of Short-Cylce Higher Education

    College of ShortCylce Higher Education

  • Ain Shams University

    Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering

  • AKMI S.A

    The Institute of Vocational Training AKMI was founded back in 1989 and today it is one of the leading Vocational Training Institutes in Greece providing postsecondary education with more than 37500 m2 of infrastructure in various cities in Greece including one of the most highly profiled Campuses in the Country Every year approx 14000 active students are enrolled with the aim to study one of the 107 specialties in more than 340 laboratories offered in 6 cities across Greece Athens Piraeus Thessaloniki Crete Larissa Rhodes

  • Aldous Information Services BV

    Data Analysis Software Development


    ALLVIEW Alliance of Centers of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood sector will create an EU platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the field of furniture and wood FW It bases its training strategy of excellence in 3 pillars of i

  • Ambitio College

    Ambitio College is an VET adult education institution with almost 10 years of experience in VET innovative program development and VET provider in health tourism and sports and with 6 years of experience in EU project management in education


    Associazione Nazionale Orientatori hereinafter ASNOR is the Italian National Association for career guidance ASNOR promotes a new culture of career guidance striving to ensure that the professional role of the career guide is recognised

  • Associazione Formazione Professionale del Patronato San Vincenzo

    AFP Patronato San Vincenzo offers Vocational Education and Training courses and employment services

  • Ausbildungsverbund Teltow e.V.

    The AVT has been one of the leading educational service providers in the Brandenburg Berlin region since 1991 and has won the Otto Wolff Foundations initiative award for training and further education All options and the latest technology for your training and further education are available to you on over 6700 square meters

  • bbw group - Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft

    Partners for a strong future Companies and institutions need strong partners to be able to meet market changes quickly and flexibly and to fulfil sociopolitical tasks Under the umbrella of the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e V an extensive network of training and consulting companies as well as social and personnel service providers has developed With around 10000 employees the bbw group is able to support the public sector in active labour market policy and meet the needs of the economy for individual sectorspecific solutions

  • Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana)

    We are a VET centre working in the fields of natural sciences biotechnology microbiology biology etc veterinary technology food science nutrition nature protection hospitality or tourism General upper secondary school is also part of the educational programme Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana encompasses all of the above mentioned programmes on the level of upper secondary education and higher vocational education for students and adult learners alike from all the regions around Slovenia General upper secondary school is also part of the educational programme

  • BPI of ÖJAB

    JABs BPI qualifies young people and adults for employment via primarily technical business related and language related vocational training and also offers career orientation as well as assistance in getting integrated into the labor market


    The BRIDGES Network of CoVE targets the development of aquaculture VET and Higher VET transnational platform to provide flexible responses to the training innovation and entrepreneurship needs of the finfish industry with a strong emphasis on the moder

  • Budapest Centre of Economic Vocational Training

    13000 students 1000 teachers VET in Management and Administration Trade Logistics and Forwarding Tourism and Catering Information Technology Sport Health Tools

  • Campus Aéronautique Auvergne Rhône Alpes

    Auvergne Rhne Alpes Aeronautics Campus

  • campus des métiers et des qualifications Autonomie et Inclusion

    Le campus des mtiers et des qualifications Autonomie inclsuion rassemble sur un territoire donn un rseau dacteurs qui interviennent en partenariat pour crer un ple dexcellence afin de mieux adapter loffre de formation professionnels au besoin des territoires danticiper et daccompagner les mutations conomiques et technologiques

  • Campus des métiers et des qualifications d’excellence Économie de la Mer

    The Campus for marinerelated professions and skills federates an initial training offer from secondary to higher education as well as a continuing education and apprenticeship based on the competitiveness levers of the Industry of the Future

  • Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performant.

    The Campus des Mtiers et des Qualifications Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performante CMQ ITIP of the University of Burgundy Institute of Technology in the city Le Creusot in France aims at bringing the world of education and research closer to the professional world for the benefit of young people and society through the evolution of teaching practices corporate world transformation and social progress

  • Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Numérique

    The Campus des Metiers et des Qualifications Numerique Drome Ardeche Digital Professions and Qualifications Campus is a network of public and private stakeholders establishments companies institutions around professional training in digital professions

  • Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Relation client 3.0

    Campus Customer relationship 30 Sectors commerce ecommerce banking insurance property management

  • Campus des Métiers et Qualifications Transfrontalier Construction Durable Innovante

    CMQ Construction Durable Innovante

  • CCI Var

    The Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry is looking for partners for the creation of a vocational centre of excellence on transitions

  • Center for Social Innovation - CSI

    CSI Cyprus wwwcsicycom is an international RD organization specialized in Social and Life Sciences New Technologies Capacity Building and Education Rationalization Business Forensic Intervention Services and Startup Facilitation It employs 40 staff and currently runs more than 100 funded projects In calls for proposals we work based on exchange of partnerships For collaboration please contact sotiriscsicycom

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Green Economy (3LoE) Germany

    The comprehensive provision of green skills is a key priority of 3LoE Addressing the challenges of energy climate and environmental protection 3LoE establishes Centres of Vocational Excellence on green economy and implements a wide range of vocational

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Green Economy (3LoE) Spain

    Addressing the challenges of energy climate and environmental protection 3LoE establishes Centres of Vocational Excellence on green economy and implements a wide range of vocational

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Water Czech Republic

    The Center of Vocational Excellence Water Czech Republic is part of the EU funded Platform of Vocational Excellence Water PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Water Latvia

    The Center of Vocational Excellence Water is part of the EU funded Platform of Vocational Excellence Water PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Water Malta

    The Center of Vocational Excellence Water is part of the EU funded Platform of Vocational Excellence Water PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector

  • Center of Vocational Excellence Water Scotland

    The Center of Vocational Excellence Water Scotland is part of the EU funded Platform of Vocational Excellence Water PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector

  • Centre de Compétences

    Training center for the crafts sector with experience in pedagogy European Projets and Digital Transformation

  • Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur (CESUR)

    VET provider Secondary and Higher Vocational Education and Training Centre EQF 1 2 3 4 and 5

  • CHAIN5

    CHAIN5 is the European Community of Practice for level 5 a network for stakeholders of the European Level 5 Area

  • Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris area

    The Regional Chamber of Trade and Craft of Paris area which was set up by the French Ministerial Order of 18 March 1998 represents defends and promotes the general interests of 238 000 artisanal undertakings in the Greater Paris region

  • CIFP César Manrique

    Public Vocational Training Institute

  • Cluster of Regional Development

    Klaster regionlneho rozvoja Cluster of Regional Development is a regional and dynamic association of interests of various legal entities in charge of driving economic development business efficiency as well as empowerment of local communities through education and training and the promotion of sustainable tourism and environment

  • Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France

    LAssociation ouvrire des Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France is an association established according to the French Association Act of 1901 and is recognised as an organisation of public benefit For more than nine centuries Les Compagnons du Devoir have supported young people in developing their professional skills to a high standard in their chosen trade Sharing knowledge and expertise travel and community living are the foundations of Les Compagnons du Devoir


    CREDI research institute is a hosting organization of the InLearn centre of excellence in vocational education inlearnba

  • Diesis Network

    Diesis Network supports the development of the social economy social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe through the implementation of knowledgebased activities such as training project design consultancy and advisory services technical assistance and research

  • Digital Innovation Hub for Cloud Based Services

    The DIHUB consortium is setting up a Europeanwide cluster of interconnected nodes using the latest cloud computing technologies for innovations development education and for generation of new startups

  • ECoVEM - European Center of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics

    ECoVEM establishes a European Cooperation platform of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics to tackle the challenges of digitalisation artificial intelligence green technologies gender equality and technology integration of migrants ECoVEM implem

  • Edquip

    Edquip is a digital marketplace for technical training equipment We help educators find the best instructional technology


    Vocational School

  • European Open Design School for Sustainable Regional Development

    DeuS is a regional Vocational Educational Training VET project that aims to cocreate a europeanwide learning and training approach in design critical thinking and entrepreneurship to find participatory creative and costeffective solutions to local

  • European Platform Urban Greening

    EPLUG aims to increase the knowledge and skills required to address biodiversity climate adaptation and wellbeing in the urban green living environment and to broaden the expertise among professionals in Europe The project specifically addresses the


    The goal of the EXAM 40 HUB is to drive innovation in the advanced manufacturing sector The project will establish a platform of excellent advanced manufacturing VET centres The EXAM 40 hub aims at becoming a reference in skills governance in the pa


    FONDAZIONE ENGIM operates in the field of vocational training and its distributed in 7 Italian Regions with 29 VET Centers ENGIM itself is a National COVEs Network as it groups 5 ENGIM COVEs in Italy in 5 Regions Piemonte Veneto Lombardia Emilia Romagna Lazio each one with its specific local ecosystem with the aim of playing a key role in VET Transition and Recovery

  • Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

    Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini FGB is a private and notforprofit foundation developing applying and disseminating evidence based policy design delivery and evaluation at all governance levels FGB promotes dialogue and a continuous knowledge exchange bridging the academic and policymaking communities governments civil society and private sector

  • FOREMCyl

    Foremcyl design and implement services for employment and employability through vocational training and career guidance and counseling Foremcyl contributes to improving the qualification and professional promotion of employed people and the labour market integration of those unemployed Foremcyl has a unique link with the demands of workers and also of companies Foremcyl has a special link to the demands of workers and also of companies through its founder the Spanish trade union Comisiones Obreras

  • Fundació Inform

    We manage a network of 300 VET schools in Spain which apply the Practice Entreprise methodology to train students workbased learninglearning by doing methodology

  • Galway Technical Institute (GRETB)

    We are VET organisation in Galway with 13 years of Erasmus KA1 KA2 project experience We were recently awarded with the Erasmus Accreditation and label of excellence

  • GB Auto

    GB Auto is a leading automotive company in the MENA region and nonbank financial services provider in Egypt With seven primary lines of business GB Auto has a strong operational footprint in key markets and sectors throughout the region with plans to expand into new geographical areas

  • Ghabbour Foundation for Development

    Ghabbour Foundation is an NGO established by a leading automotive company GB Auto with the objective of developing vocational education in Egypt applying international standards

  • GIVE - Governance for Inclusive Vocational Excellence

    GIVE is essentially focused on the social dimension of VET The project aims at designing and developing a European Platform of Centres of Excellence devoted to innovating VET sector for the social inclusion of individuals belonging to disadvantaged group

  • GoodPlanet Belgium

    GoodPlanet encourages all generations to get involved and build a sustainable society through environmental education and positive actions Via its activities and projects GoodPlanet spreads knowledge about sustainable development in general or about one of our focus areas food circulars economy reconnection between humans and nature biodiversity mobility water climate change and energy We make sustainable development concrete and attractive Every year our 70 employees inspire behavioral change in over 450000 children young people and adults We are a Brusselsbased organization with colleagues working all over Belgium and a partner organization Fondation GoodPlanet in France

  • Gradia

    Gradia is one of the largest VET IVET and CVET providers in Finland located in the region of Central Finland 3hrs north from the capital Currently the total number of VET qualifications offered by Gradia is around 100 and the total number of students is 21 000

  • GREENOVET - European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation

    GREENOVET fosters VET Excellence in Green Innovation across Europe enabling innovative inclusive and sustainable economy The project fosters the development of skills ecosystems contributing to regional development as well as boosting green and sustai

  • HBZ - Handwerkskammer Bildungszentrum Münster

    HBZ HANDWERKSKAMMER BILDUNGSZENTRUM MNSTER Vocational Training Centre of the Chamber of Crafts of Mnster HBZ a leading training and further education provider with broad capacities and facilities for theory and practical training highly experienced in national and international projects pioneer in subjects of ecological building and energy technology as well as innovative didactics and digitalization

  • IES Arca Real

    The IES Arca Real is a public secondary vocational training and higher vocational training school in the community of Castilla y Len Spain

  • IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH

    IHKProjektgesellschaft mbH is a service provider for Higher Vocational Education and Training at regional national and international level IHKPG is a 100 subsidiary company of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Brandenburg As a chamber subsidiary our international activities strengthen our role as a service provider for the regions business community and citizens and bring internationally gained experience back to the region

  • Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy

    IECE is positioned to be the interface for academics and the business world to provide mutual and beneficial exchange of knowledge ideas and expertise and develop programs and activities that will help to ensure the wellbeing of future generations

  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry

    ICI envisages establishment of sustainable and efficient coordination between VET education institutions and industry Istanbul Chamber of Industry ICI as the largest industrial chamber in Turkey with its member base of more than 20000 firms has a strong focus on improvement of vocational education and training VET for delivery of skills matching needs of the industry

  • ITEMM - Institut Technologique Européen des Métiers de la Musique

    ITEMM is a training and innovation institute for music professions and musical instruments

  • Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter Århus (Green Academy)

    Green Academy is a vocational school that was founded in 1889 The school is situated in the heart of Denmark outside Denmarks secondlargest city Aarhus Green Academy offers a broad range of educations within all green areas Landscaping Gardening Floristry Foresting Farming Farm Machinery Operating Animal Care and Nursery both for Danish and international students

  • Live

    Vocational special needs education and coaching consulting and employment services for people with special needs

  • MBO RAAD (the Netherlands Association of VET colleges)

    MBO Raad is the Netherlands Association of VET colleges

  • Mecanic Vallée

    Industrial cluster on 40


    Immersive Learning Solutions for manual skilled trades

  • MMC Management Center Ltd

    Vocational and Adult education center


    MTA Maden Tetkik Arama is a highlevel public research body authorised for exploring and development of mining and mineral resources in Turkey We are currently focusing on production and recycling of critical raw materials

  • nova college

    Nova College and its regional industrial partners Techport network have developed advanced curriculum and joint research concepts for students teachers and professionals

  • Odisee University of Applied Sciences

    Odisee is a University of Applied Sciences consisting of 6 campuses dynamic centres of education research and social services located in the heart of Belgium Odisee offers a team based education with a personal approach


    OSENGO is a nonprofit VET organization specialist in lifelong learning and vocational education member of the French Vocational Education Federation OSENGO has 32 permanent training centres located in four regions of France wwwOSENGOfr

  • Platform of Vocational Excellence Water

    Pilot PoVE water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector translating them into an approach of vocational excellence

  • Srednja skola Cakovec

    VET school in field of healthcare nursing and phisiotherapy ISCED3 Experinced in Erasmus projects and international cooperation National Center of experties partner



  • TAFE Directors Australia

    TAFE Directors Australia TDA is the peak national body which represents Australias national network of publicly owned Technical and Further Education TAFE institutescolleges TDA can help potential global partners connect with Australian TAFEs

  • Talentjourney

    Talentjourney project aims to narrow skills gap in manufacturing sector in the field of Connectivity Devices and ServicesCDS IoT in smart manufacturing which focuses on useroriented userfriendly and ecofriendly solutions

  • Technobel

    Technobel is an IT vocational training center in Belgium based in Ciney We received an official recognition label from the authorities called Centre de Competence placing our training activities at a high level of expertise In 2018 we offered a new vision of vocational training called Be a Maker Its expressed through four stages Dream Create Experiment Share

  • Technobel

    Technobel is an IT oriented skills training center Created in 2001 on the initiative of a publicprivate partnership between Le Forem and Proximus whom were since joined by the University of Namur Technobel is a major player in vocational training in Belgium In 2003 Technobel even received an official recognition label from the Walloon authorities called Centre de Comptence placing its training activities at a high level of expertise

  • Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare

    The Association Udhetim i Lire Liberi di Viaggiare is focused on tourism cultural heritage youth environment rural development good governance culture voluntarism and human rights promotions


    RCK UTO is a regional center of competence with more than 60 years success in education within tourism and hospitality sector At the regional level we have a welldeveloped system of cooperation with regulatory bodies educational institutions and faculties companies and NGOs We are interested in partnerhip in the CoVE 21 project tourism catering cultural heritage food production and preparation tourism management


    Australias leading skills assessment provider

  • Virtualware

    As one of the pioneering Virtual Reality companies Virtualware creates realworld solutions using the latest in immersive and interactive technologies We dont sell products we provide real people with real solutions We do this because we love it its what were most passionate about We are witnessing the birth of a new immersive Revolution in the business world and we are determined to lead it with you

  • Vocational Education and Training Service

    General Directorate for the Vocational Education and Training and Special Regime Education Valencian Regional Government

  • We Are Katapult

    Katapult is a open source learning network of over 350 public private partnerships in the Netherlands and across Europe

  • Work Experience Agency LTD

    Work Experience Agency WEA is a work experience training provider which specialises in project partnership consulting logistics and delivery in European Union WEA is based in Dublin Ireland and runs projects in Ireland and across European Union

  • WorldSkills France

    WorldSkills France as a member of the international organization WorldSkills International promotes vocational training among young people through skills competitions

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