Welcome to the Center of Vocational Excellence Match Making Map

Finding the right partners across Europe for your Center of Vocational Excellence application can be challenging. With this Center of Vocational Excellence Match Making Map we hope to make this process a little easier, so you can find suitable partners for your CoVE 2021 application.

What can you do with it:

  1. You can put yourself on the Match Making Map by filling out this form. In this form you can provide information about your own organization and what kind of partners you are looking for. By pressing the 'put me on the map button' you will publish your information on the map for other potential partners to find you. By doing so, you accept that we publish the information you provided online and that potential partners can approach you. Also, please check our privacy statement.
  2. If you are looking for partners, please go to the map. By selecting the search button you can filter the potential partners on the map according to your preference. Alternatively, you can click on the markers on the map to see more information about the partners. The pink markers are CoVEs funded by the European Commission during the pilot calls, the grey markers are potential partners, working on an application as well.

Please note that using the map is completely voluntary and by providing your information through this form, you accept that other organizations working on a CoVE application can reach out to you. Furthermore, this map is purely a facilitation tool for match making, provided by the Community of Practice of Centers of Vocational Excellence. It has no influence on the evaluation of your application, nor does it give any guarantees on the partners you select by using this tool. The Match Making Map is powered by We are Katapult.

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