Ghabbour Foundation for Development

Ghabbour Foundation for Development is an NGO established in 2017 under decree number 6285 with the mission of affecting positive economic and social development in Egypt and the region by bridging the gap between the quality of vocational education, on one hand, and industry needs for skilled workers on the other. Ghabbour Foundation’s approach to providing quality education benchmarked against international standards is fulfilled by working with international institutions specialized in vocational education and technical training as well as governmental entities towards applying the dual system education which helps the student connect theoretical studies to practical training. Education and training are conducted under international accreditation by the German Arab Chamber for Industry and Commerce in order to fulfill quality assurance and sustainability.

The Foundation has consistently progressed since 2017 from the scale of one vocational school in Cairo to three vocational schools in 2018 in: Cairo, Gharbeya and Alexandria under the umbrella of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In 2021, the Foundation has also signed a new agreement with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to develop two new schools in Cairo suburbs, a first step towards further geographic expansion to cover zones of greatest need in Egypt and to match the growing need for automotive technicians, in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision for Industry.
The Foundation also experiences continuous growth and development in terms of curriculum, state-of the art equipment, new specializations (such as electric and hybrid vehicles), introducing German language as a third language of instruction and also, opening its doors to girls, a first for automotive vocational schools in Egypt.

About us

Type of collaborationPotential partner
ContactAleya Serageldin
Type of organisation:VET provider
Education level:ISCED 2: Lower secondary education
ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
Sector of expertise:Education
Existing activities:C&P: Apprenticeships, Upskilling and reskilling
C&P: Business-education partnerships, Pact for Skills
C&P: Knowledge creation and dissemination
C&P: VET attractiveness campaigns
T&L: Innovative teaching and learning methods
T&L: Learner centered excellence approach
T&L: Professional Development of teachers and trainers
Envisioned activities:C&P: Apprenticeships, Upskilling and reskilling
C&P: International VET campus/academies
C&P: Knowledge creation and dissemination
C&P: VET Internationalization strategies
G&F: Bringing together all relevant stakeholders
G&F: Sustainable financial models
T&L: Innovative curricula
T&L: Innovative teaching and learning methods
T&L: Professional Development of teachers and trainers
T&L: Quality assurance
T&L: Staff and learner mobility and joint qualification
Type of partner(s) wanted:Chamber
Development Agency
Innovation Agency
Professional/ sector association
Public/Private Employment Service
Regional Authority
VET provider
Priority countries for cooperation:Egypt
Tanzania, United Republic of
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America
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