ALLVIEW will create an EU platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the field of furniture and wood (F&W). It bases its training strategy of excellence in 3 pillars of innovative knowledge: circular economy, digitalization or industry 4.0, and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The project aims to align the sectoral needs with all major VET policies as to facilitate transfer of learning achievements among countries and between educational levels.

Main objectives:
• Strengthen quality assurance of new curricula related with the F&W industry
• Provide better careers information raising attractiveness of VET and clearer pathways from T-VET to HE

Main Deliverables:
• Foundation of a long-term EU Dual Training platform for the Furniture & Wood sector
• Production of an open source software platform for broad skills assessment, identifying specific areas in need of development, and offering targeted training to address gaps
• Development of new curricula and learning outcomes in the following topics: Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, AAL and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Development of new tools and teaching methodologies using AR/VR and 3D printing
• Provision of a guide for the application of EU VET policies in the wood and furniture sector

About us

Country Spain
Type of collaboration Platform of Vocational Excellence
Starting year 2020
Project leader Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of Murcia Region
Education level: ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
Sector of expertise: Culture/Creative industries
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence: ALLVIEW is one of the 12 pilot Centers of Vocational Excellence, funded by the European Commission
Existing activities: C&P: Apprenticeships, Upskilling and reskilling
C&P: Business incubators & Entrepreneurship
C&P: Innovation hubs & applied research
C&P: Knowledge creation and dissemination
G&F: Attracting foreign investment to region
G&F: Bringing together all relevant stakeholders
G&F: Co-creating skills ecosystems
G&F: Effective use of EU and national funds
T&L: Feedback loops and graduate tracking
T&L: Higher level VET and flexible pathways
T&L: Innovative curricula
T&L: Learner centered excellence approach
T&L: Life Long Learning continuum, Initial and continuing VET
T&L: Quality assurance
T&L: Staff and learner mobility and joint qualification


ASLAM Cooperativa Sociale Associate of Foresters and Wood Technologists
Catalan Furnishings Cluster & Innovation Hub Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'Educazione e lo Sviluppo
European Association of Development Agencies Faculty of Wood Technology of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences
FederlegnoArredo Flemish Public Employment Services
Hout- en Meubilerings College InnovaWood
Innovative business association of furniture manufacturers and related in the Murcia Region Institut Technologique Foret Cellulose Bois-construction Ameublement
Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Murcia Region Employment Service Technical university of Cartagena
Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of Murcia Region The Main Association of the German Wood Industry
University of Ljubljana VTI Waregem
WOODWIZE Wood Industry Cluster

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